Overseeding – Lawn Care Secrets

Tips To Help When Overseeding A Lawn

One of the most important lawn care tasks that as a homeowner you can perform is overseeding, yet very few of us choose to do this task.  So you may be wondering why you need to perform this chore when you are already fertilizing your lawn correctly and it is looking pretty good right now?

Well the answer is quite simple really unfortunately the grass on your lawn isn’t going to last forever.   In fact every five to six years the reproduction rate for this plant begins to slow down and like us it will get tired and this is when the risk of weeds appearing is increased.

By performing this particular lawn maintenance task you are helping to compensate for when the reproduction of grass begins to slow down.   By performing this task every five or six years it is beneficial to your lawn.  First off it will ensure that your lawn remains looking thick and dense at all times.  Plus should your lawn start to look a little thin it will help to make it look thick and luscious again.   Also if the grass is thick there are fewer weeds if any when it is being mowed at over 2 inches tall.

Another benefit to be had from overseeding is it makes your lawn much more resistant to any kinds of diseases.   This is because the new types of seeds you sow at these times are going to be much more disease resistant in comparison to the original seeds and grass already sown.

So you want to perform this task for yourself, but aren’t really sure what needs to be done?   Below we offer some tips you may find useful and ensure that you carry out this particular lawn care task well.

Tip 1 – It is important that you perform this task at the right time of year and the best time is either in the spring or fall.   By performing this task in the autumn you are helping your existing lawn to grow during this time of the year when normally it would lie dormant.   However overseeding in the spring will help to rejuvenate your lawn ready for the coming months.

Tip 2 – The next thing that is crucial is to make sure that you have prepared your lawn correctly.   The first thing you must do is actually mow your lawn but you need to cut the grass as short as you possibly can.   In fact it is best if you almost scalp the grass.   Once this is done and if you have time you need to aerate your lawn.  Doing this will help more oxygen to get into the soil and so will help the new grass to grow much quicker and also will help to make it much more robust.

Tip 3 – After you have cut and aerated your lawn the next task to be carried out before overseeding takes place is to top-dress it.   You must top dress your lawn with a mixture of compost and topsoil.   Then finally you must water the grass thoroughly after applying the seeds for several days, as this will help them to germinate better.

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