Lawn Grub Treatments – When, How, Why?

Lawn Grub Treatments – When, How, Why?

It is important that on a regular basis grub treatments are applied to your lawn.   If you fail to carry out this very simple lawn care task it can dramatically affect the way that your lawn looks in the future.   If lawn grubs are provided with the opportunity to thrive they will feed on the fresh young leaves of the grass just above the ground.   This will in turn result in the quality and growth of the grass on your lawn being dramatically reduced.

So how do you know if you have a problem with lawn grubs?

You will notice that in certain areas of the lawn the grass is brown in color and looks very dry.   Plus when you touch it you find it feels very brittle.   On closer inspection you will that the leaves of the grass have been eaten by something and this will be the grub, which in many respects resembles a caterpillar.   Just as with caterpillars these pests vary in color.   Some are bright green whilst others are dark green or brown color with black dots that are in a line down their back.

Once you have noticed that you are suffering from lawn grubs of course you will need to know how to treat the problem.  Below we not only offer advice about when treating this particular pest should occur, but also the kinds of natural lawn grub treatments you can use as part of a good lawn maintenance program.

When To Treat

As soon as you have detected you have a problem with lawn grubs then getting rid of them needs to be high on your list of lawn care tasks.   The best time to treat for such problems is late in the summer or early in the fall when the grubs are still small and are much closer to the surface.

Unfortunately treating the problem in spring won’t be as effective as by this time the grubs are much larger and aren’t feeding as much.   Plus of course there is likely to be more rain at this time of the year, which will result in the treatment you have applied being diluted or washed away.

How To Treat A Lawn Grub Problem

You could use products such as Dylox that aren’t only very fast active but very effective.   But do contain quite harmful chemicals that could be detrimental not only to your health but that of your family and any pets you may have.   Therefore why not consider using natural grub treatments instead of which there are several to consider.

One such treatment worth considering using is Neem Oil.  This is a botanical pesticide that comes with certain insecticidal properties that will inhibit the grubs from laying their eggs.   Plus it will also prevent the lawn grubs from growing and feeding.   You must make sure that when using this type of grub treatments that you dilute it with water as directed on the packet and only spray on to the areas of lawn affected.

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