Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Care – Fertilization And Weed Control A Must

Most homeowners believe that the best time to perform certain lawn maintenance tasks such as fertilization and weed control should be carried out in the spring.   However it is important to remember that weeds actually grow throughout the year as the grass on your lawn does.   Therefore as you regularly fertilize your garden so should you actually be regularly using products to ensure that weeds are kept under control.

If you want to save yourself both time and money then using a product that combines both weed control properties along with fertilizer is a good idea.   However before you go out spending money on such products you need to know that there are two forms of this product that you can buy.

The first is that known as a pre-emergent and this one is designed to control the weeds before they have had the opportunity to germinate and sprout.   The other is known as post emergent and is designed to kill off any weeds that are already growing.

Typically as part of any lawn care regime the applying of a weed control product to it should be taking place around February to April.   This way the product has time to act on the weeds before they have the opportunity to germinate.   Also if it should rain once you have applied your fertilization and weed control products don’t be afraid to apply it once more.   What you need to remember is that the rain that has fallen will dilute the properties within the product and so it will be much weaker and it won’t last as long.

Another course of this product should then be applied a further 60 days after the first course was applied.   But rather than applying a pre-emergent product you should be applying a post one to ensure that any weeds that have appeared will be killed off.  What you should be aiming for is applying 4 loads of fertilizer and weed control products to your lawn each year.

Also when it comes to applying such products make sure that you read through the instructions provided very carefully before you do.   Another thing to remember is don’t think that by adding double the amount recommended will help to get your lawn looking better quicker, unfortunately this is not the case.  Instead what it is likely to do is kill off not only any weeds but the grass that is growing as well.   Plus it will be much harder for any other grass seeds to germinate.

As well as applying fertilization and weed control products four times a year you may find that you need to apply fertilizer alone periodically throughout the year.   Like other homeowners we would recommend you use a slow release product that can be purchased at any good DIY, homecare or garden centre.   These products allow the nutrients contained in them to be released slowly into the soil over time allowing the grass in your lawn to eat them at their leisure.   In turn this also helps the grass to fill in any spaces in the lawn and so helps to prevent weeds from germinating.

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