Aeration – Lawn Care Maintenance 101

Aeration Is Vital to Good Lawn Maintenance

As a homeowner, you want your property to look it’s best.  The area that quickly sets your home apart is a well manicured lawn.    One of the most important tasks that should be carried out is the aeration of your lawn.   Doing this will help to actually soften the soil underneath as it enables water to penetrate through rather than just remaining on the surface.

In turn this will actually help the roots of the grass on your lawn to grow much deeper into the soil and then you will find that it won’t need watering as often.   So saving you quite a bit of time and money on watering costs and time.   Plus it also ensures that the lawn stays greener a great deal longer throughout the year.

If the soil underneath your lawn is made up of clay it can be detrimental to the health of your lawn.   As throughout the year the soil expands in both warm and cold weather and becomes much more compacted, so providing far less space for roots of your grass to grow.

So what is aeration?

It is a process where using a mechanical, liquid or hand aerator you make holes in the lawn that then allows the soil underneath to absorb water.   As a result of performing this lawn maintenance task you are helping to stimulate the growth of the grasses roots at a much deeper level as well as reducing the soil from compacting.

Plus aeration of a lawn will also help more air and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.   The removal of cores from a lawn will give the soil space to expand and so reducing stress of the lawns roots and in turn this will ensure that you have a great looking lawn throughout the year.   Don’t be surprised when your neighbors start asking how your lawn is looking so great.

When should you aerate your lawn?

In answer to this question, it actually depends on where you live, the type of soil you have on your property and what the climate is like.  However most gardeners generally choose to aerate their lawns during the middle of Spring or late in the Autumn.

For those of you who live where the climate is quite cool then the time for aeration of your lawns to occur is between March and the end of June or September to October.   However if when you do go out to perform this particular type of lawn care task and the ground feels soft under foot then this may not be the best time.   If however the ground feels quite hard then for the best results you should make sure that you water the lawn for about an hour before you begin aerating your lawn.

If however you live in a pretty warm climate then aeration of a lawn can take place as early as February or even as late as November each year.   But in order to achieve the best results possible and have a wonderful looking lawn throughout the year don’t be afraid to aerate yours on a regular basis.